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All texts are edited, revised, proof-read and
spell-checked before delivery to ensure quality control.
French Translation:
-Schedule is one of the first elements discussed prior to quoting your project.
-Translations are generally billed by the word of the source text depending on the client, the agency and the country.
-Price per word depends on level of complexity of each document.
-Government texts, Legal texts and Business texts fees range anywhere from $0.15 - $0.24 per word USD.
-General Texts rates may vary according field and price quoted.
Other Services:
Foreign Language Word Processing                               $0.06 per word
English Transcription                                                         $0.08 per word
Page Layout                                                                         $0.06 per word
Formatting                                                                           $0.06 per word
Editing                                                                                  $0.08 per word
Proofreading                                                                        $0.08 per word
Desktop Publishing Fees:                        (based on number of target pages)
Handwritten documents          (based on number of target pages to be typeset)
-Rush Rates - (delivery in shorter time frame) - 50% above regular rates.
French Interpreting Services:
-Consecutive Interpreting (2 hour minimum)                    $45 - 55 per hour
-Phone Interpreting                                                        $30 - 40 per hour
-Travel mileage (current rates)
-Travel time (as agreed upon)                                                   $10 per hour
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